Installation instructions


The base is designed to attach to any smooth surfaces using VHB (Very High Bond) tape.   Find a smooth part of your dashboard or window to apply the mount to.  The mount can also be used anywhere you may like that has a smooth surface for example mirrors, kitchen cabinets, windows or walls.


This phone mount can attach to most cell phones and cell phone covers.  If the phone cover is soft or not smooth it may be better to mount the attaching plate directly onto the phone or onto the inside of the cover.  Remember when attaching directly to the phone it may be difficult to remove without damaging the phone.  Follow the removal instructions below.

Attaching the metal plate to phone or tablet

We suggest that you apply the metal plate to your phone cover to avoid scratching your phone when removing.  If you do attach to phone directly use a thin plastic scraper to slice under plate then gently lift it.

  1. Install when the temperature is 15°C or higher for optimum tape adhesion
  2. Use the supplied alcohol swab to clean the area on your phone, phone cover or device where you will mount the metal plate onto.  Retain the swab for use when attaching the base by storing in the wrapper it came in.
  3. Remove the backing tape from the metal plate and place it in the position to be mounted. Apply firm pressure for 10 seconds.
  4. Leave for one hour to achieve maximum adhesion.

Removing the metal plate from phone or tablet


Do not use sharp objects to knives to remove the metal plate from your phone or other surfaces.  Be patient.

  1. Apply a drop of rubbing alcohol to the edge of the metal, leave for a few seconds.  The alcohol will seep in and soften the adhesive.
  2. Gently lift the edge of the metal plate with your fingernail or a thin plastic scraper. Take care not to scratch phone.
  3. Slip a piece of fishing line or dental floss between the plate and the phone.  Grip the line in both hands and use a gentle sawing action to cut through the adhesive.
  4. Use rubbing alcohol applied to a cloth to remove any sticky residue on the device.

Attaching the magnetic base (Read fully)

Always mount on a smooth surface such as window or smooth panel on dashboard.  Do not remove the adhesive backing.  Attach the base to your phone with the magnet.  Now place the mount in various positions while the phone is attached to it.  The idea is to find the optimum mounting position. Make sure your phone will not impede access to critical buttons such as hazard lights etc.  Once you are satisfied that you have found the optimum position you can proceed with the installation.

  1. Install when the temperature is 15°C or higher for optimum tape adhesion.
  2. Use the alcohol swab to clean the area you plan to mount the device to.
  3. Remove the backing tape and carefully place the mount in the correct position. Apply pressure for at least 60 seconds.
  4. Wait 24 hours for the VHB tape to cure to full adhesion strength. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT as it allows the gel to flow into the cracks and achieve proper adhesion.

Spare VHB tape is supplied in case you need to reposition the mount.

Removal of the magnetic base


Do not use sharp metal objects to knives to remove the metal plate from your phone or other surfaces.

  1. Drop one or two drops of rubbing alcohol onto the base where it adheres to the object surface or car dash.  This will soften the adhesive and allow for easier removal.
  2. Use fishing line or dental floss and place it between mount and dashboard.   Use a sawing motion to gently cut through the adhesive.
  3. Once removed you can rub the residue with your finger to gently roll it up.