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The magnetic phone holder is without a doubt one of the most convenient ways of holding your phone in the car.  They can be mounted on any smooth surface on your dashboard of your car.   The magnetic phone holders are compact, easy to use. The awesome swivel head design allows you to angle your phone for perfect visibility while using it for navigation.

The phone holder is easily mounted on any smooth surface using the special 3M VHB (very high bond) adhesive tape backing. The mount is supplied with a metal plate which attaches to your phone or phone cover using standard double sided tape.

The metal plate attaches or detaches from your phone in an instant. This simple action is the genius behind this product as it is far easier to use than fiddly clamps that hold your phone.

The magnetic swivel head makes it very convenient to position your phone facing the driver. You have total control.

Below you can see a side view of the mechanism, it may be hard to understand from a photo. For a better understanding take a look at the video.